Monday, May 24, 2010

iPad style magazine reading for PC with 7000+ free emagz


Martview is a new app that allows us to read magazines and books, even comics through one simple software. Users can just browse through a good amount of categories, and download those magazines that they like. Once downloaded, those books will be stored in your computer, and you can view them at any time at any place. Simple as that. They even support touchscreen.

I was linked by a friend on Facebook, and their Fan Page, or “Like” page as Facebook calls it, is over here. A fancy way to read books, using tablets or laptops I might say. So far I got no problem running it on my HP Mini, so I think it works well on Atom system. The animation when switching pages were also quite swift.

Well, it’s free, so why not? I just wish there’s more content, but I believe it will have, once the community grows, since everyone can upload. But sad news for Apple fan boys, it’s not ready yet for your iPad. But we will keep you updated if it does.


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