Monday, May 24, 2010

Next PSP is a mini PS3?

Next PSP is a mini PS3?

It appears that Sony would be showing off another new version of PSP (PlayStation Portable) at E3 this year.

VG247 quoted a source on saying that there’s a small chance that we will see a new PSP being displayed at E3 this year. Rumors has it that the new PSP2 NDAs have been in possession of a few UK publishers for months now, but though their initial plans were for a 2010 release, it seemed more likely to be released in 2011. Therefore people are expecting the announcement on either a Gamescom or Tokyo Game Show.

Rumored features are like multitouch touchscreen OLED yet retaining the good ol` PlayStation buttons at the sides. VG247 was told the device is “uber powerful,” and is based on a four-core Cell CPU, similar to those used in a PS3. Another said he/she would be “amazed” if there was any physical media involved and VG247 reports hearing sketchy rumors that this device could be 3G and WiFi enabled as opposed to the WiFi-only PSPGo.

“There have been “finished units” in the UK, but we haven’t spoken to anyone that’s seen a final case. – VG247”

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