Friday, May 28, 2010

USB Flash Drive Cufflinks

USB Flash Drive Cufflinks
These USB Flash Drive Cufflinks is designed by Ravi Ratan. It comes in 2GB storage, which means you got 4GB in a pair. The USB drive can be engraved with up to 8 characters, available in gunmental and gold finishes at $195 per pair.
USB Flash Drive Cufflinks

USB Flash Drive Cufflinks
[via LikeCool]

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2 comments: on "USB Flash Drive Cufflinks"

Kimmy said...

How ingenious! Simple, elegant and functional, it does not get any better and computer geeks such as my brother will love them!
And they are not terribly expensive either, nice find!

Waqas Khan said...

Thnx alot for appreciating ... keep browsing i'll surely come up with more of the amazing gadgets :)

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