Friday, May 28, 2010

NVIDIA announces GTX480M, frying eggs on notebook now possible.

NVIDIA announces GTX480M, frying eggs on notebook now possible.
Ever since AMD announced that their chips will be on 100+ models of notebooks beginning end of this year, Nvidia is having nightmares every night. The woodscrew Fermi was trashed around, delayed, and getting nicknamed by its friends and schoolmates and haters. AMD’s 5000-series had a great leap ahead of Nvidia in the DirectX 11 market, and was blasting away enjoying its runaway success. Nvidia finally go live with their Fermi around March, but 6 months late isn’t the main thing concern here anymore. The Fermi was huge, hot, and power-hungry. It barely won over the 5000-series.
Now, Nvidia has announced that the Fermi based GTX480M is going to notebooks next month. Of cause, the main issue that everyone ponders would be the power consumption. Nvidia stated that the total graphics power draw (GPU + RAM) is 100W, which is higher than the current high-end GTX285M.
Expected features are like CUDA, PhysX, OpenCL, PureVideo, and obviously DX11. Although Optimus is ready, it is unlikely any vendors would put such a powerful cheap with budget processors. The GTX480M will also be part of the Verde Driver Program. Hard specs wise, it has 352 “CUDA” Cores, core clock of 425MHz, shader clock of 850MHz, 256-bit of memory, and 600MHz GDDR5 memory (effectively 2400MHz). SLI is also possible on this chip, though its likely any vendors will release SLI-Ready notebooks that soon.
So, anybody gonna buy 1 of these beasts, and fry some eggs while gaming?
[via Anandtech]

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