Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cheap method to keep on cycling, in the snow

Cheap method to keep on cycling, in the snow
It’s snowing, and your car can’t move, but what about your bicycle? It should be the same, right? Well not really. If you don’t have stud tires, then a bunch of zip ties should do the trick. One of the cyclists at Dutch Bike Co. was caught without studded tires when it started snowing in Seattle. However, with some MacGyver trick, the problem is solved.
“I can accelerate, brake, and corner with aplomb, even on the vile snowpack/sheet ice mix the plows leave in the bike lanes. The zip ties dig nicely into the hardest packed surfaces, but they’re thin enough not to bounce the bike around at low speed or on short pavement sections. “
SOURCE via treehugger

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