Sunday, January 2, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Player coming in Q2 2011

Samsung Galaxy Player coming in Q2 2011
Have you heard about Samsung’s next iPod Touch killer? The new 4-inch Galaxy Player that’ll run Android PMP? We certainly did few days ago. But there’s a bad news. For the Koreans, they’ll be getting it shortly after CES next week thanks to “home territorial advantage”, but those outside of the Starcraft nation, bad luck! You’ll only see it as early as “the April to June period”. That’s around 2nd quarter of 2011.
Like the iPod Touch, you get multitouch with Super AMOLED but short of the “Yellow!” function. The player will also be “an almost identical replica of the company’s wildly successful Galaxy S smartphone, which apparently has been no accident”. I’d expect the Galaxy Player to be slimmer though.
The WSJ also lets us in on the knowledge that Samsung’s phone division has taken over responsibility for building and selling its portable media player range, hence why we’re now seeing such major overlaps between the two categories.

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