Sunday, January 2, 2011

Have any Asus? Is it your Pride?

Have any Asus? Is it your Pride?
Here’s a contest by Asus for all Asus owners. Apparently there’s lots of “Pride” in this poster, which means Asus want you to show off your rig with their name in a photo and a video, alongside a ‘fairytale and happy ending ever after’ story at their site. But what’s in return? Apparently, a chance to win the next Asus Intel chipset motherboard (probably P67) including the processor, and that’s not all. You’ll also get either a ‘Republic of Gamers’ 3D notebook, or the grand price of an all-expenses paid trip to Asus HQ in Taiwan!
P/S: You only have about a week’s time to do this, as the deadline is 7th January 2011, before 23:59:59. For more info, head over to the source.
More info here

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