Sunday, January 2, 2011

USD$920 for a Charger that Doubles as a Pair of Pants

USD$920 for a Charger that Doubles as a Pair of Pants
Fancy a very bling pair of pants that also act has a mobile charger? I for one will immediately think of getting electrocuted by the pants, but that sounds quite kinky too. Fancy technology, especially those that are environmentally friendly always comes with a hefty price, and so does this charger. Usually we buy a charger for about MYR10 (USD 3), but what if you’re required to fork out USD 920 (MYR 2,850)?
The thing is a convenient and environmentally friendly solar powered charger. But it also doubles as a pair of pants. ? Made with Untrasuede material, the Urban Cargo Pant is ultra-soft, and easy to wash and dry. It comes with solar panel attached on the two side pockets of the pants, each with its own independent functioning power supply. Frankly speaking, although the pants may be made using some professional material and printed in the company’s exclusive Go graphic “cell” print, it just look like a pair of very shiny pajamas pants that you’ll wear out shopping, making you look rather ridiculous. But these days fashion is all about being ridiculous, so I guess there’s no harm in wearing this out. Hopefully you’re out in the sun long enough to charge something.
SOURCE via silvrlining

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