Sunday, January 2, 2011

Nvidia GTX560 coming in January

Nvidia GTX560 coming in January
Nvidia’s GTX580 and GTX570 are already out in the market, so there’s no surprise that the next in line will be the GTX560. The GTX460 released back then was a key product for Nvidia, as it gives the green company an edge in fighting AMD. Power efficiency combined with excellent performance, which really gave AMD a hard time. Now we’ll be seeing the successor to this great product.
The GPU-Z screenshot here shows that the upcoming GTX560 will be based on the GF114 and will have 384 CUDA cores. It’ll be coming sometime in January. If you notice, GTX580 and GTX570 are based on the refined GF110 which is from the GF100. This GTX560 however will be based on the GF114 which is probably a follow-up of the GF104, which back then was a retuned GF110, so we should expect some slight difference in performance and design of the core.
The GTX560 will have 384 Stream Processor (SM) running at 820MHz for the GPU. That’s the full 16 SMs like the other GeForce 5-series products. There’s 1640MHz for the shaders and 4000MHz for the 1024MB GDDR5 memory paired up with a 256-bit memory interface. The GTX 560 name isn’t carved in stone and although partners are internally referred to it as the GTX 560, Nvidia didn’t officially announce the name and the card could easily become the GTX 570 SE for that matter.
Of course, these specs are what partners got from Nvidia. Unfortunately, the card is scheduled for January next year so we’ll have to wait a while before we can talk about concrete information. This will be a very exciting product, especially for FAM users. Will we see a 15,000PPD card here?
SOURCE via expreview

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